Advisors, Not Their Clients, Should Lead on ESG Investing

That's the conclusion of multiple presenters at this year's Sustainable Investing Conference sponsored by Gitterman Wealth Management.   How popular is ESG-themed investing? It’s estimated that over $20 trillion is invested in assets because of their favored for their environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) characteristics, including over $8 trillion in the U.S.   Here’s another indicator of the growing...

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The Growing Influence of Impact Investing

Clients — especially women and millennials — want to invest with their values. What are you waiting for?   Impact investing isn't just for philanthropists.   On Dec. 1, a company called ImpactAssets launched two products: the Microfinance Plus Note and the Global Sustainable Agriculture Note. These impact investing notes are “designed to target an interest rate range of...

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Second acts: How (and why) boomers are embracing encore careers

Thirty years ago, when Ron Cordes got his start in the financial services industry, he had similar goals to most people in that line of business — to serve people, help them build nest eggs for their retirement and make a little money for himself along the way.   In reviewing his career path, Cordes did alright...

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