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Family Foundations Let Affluent Leave a Legacy

Stephanie Cordes, a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, has a present from her father, Ron, that she treasures. It’s a handmade pink scrapbook, titled, “5 Life Lessons From Dad.”   Inside are whimsical photos of her with friends and family alongside typed pages containing his simple guidance. The chapters are: “Seek your passion.” “Do...

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Getting Back More Than a Warm Feeling

The seven teenagers sit with their feet tucked under tan desks in a classroom in New York City’s Rikers Island jail, taking turns answering “icebreaker” questions they’ve fished from an envelope.   “What’s your favorite thing to do with your time?” asks one young man, the rowdiest of the group. He answers himself: “Reading.”   “Really?” says Joyce Gendler,...

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