About Us

Bold & Innovative Solutions To The World’s Toughest Problemsemp
About Us

The Cordes Foundation was created in 2006 by Ron and Marty Cordes following the sale of Ron’s investment management business. In 2014 Ron and Marty were joined by their daughter Stephanie as Vice Chair, and the Foundation retained our first Executive Director and Portfolio Director.

Why We Exist

We champion bold, innovative solutions to the world’s toughest problems – with a focus on alleviating global poverty and empowering women and girls to fully participate in the development of their communities.

What We Believe

We believe in social entrepreneurship – harnessing the power of the capital markets to drive game-changing ideas to scale, and in the critical importance of elevating women and girls in society via education, health care, human rights advocacy and self-employment opportunities. We also believe in activating the “other 95%” of our portfolio – moving beyond our annual grants budget to fully activate 100% of our portfolio resources in impact investments directed toward our mission.

How We Deliver Impact

The Cordes foundation seeks to build a more peaceful and secure world though accelerating enterprising leadership, ideas, and initiatives that fundamentally advance women’s human rights and address poverty with scalable and sustainable solutions. Alongside strategic philanthropy and impact investments, the foundation seeks to build an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship to flourish.

Our Three Seeds Approach


We connect social entrepreneurs to investors, grant makers, advisors and potential stakeholders to help their ideas take flight.


We convene events, salons and conferences that foster knowledge sharing, collaboration and field building for social enterprises, women and girls empowerment and impact investing.


We catalyze impact investments and strategic grants into social enterprises advancing bold, innovative ideas to solve the world’s toughest problems.