We allocate funds across the following sectors:

Women & Girls
Grantee partners in our women & girls’ portfolio include organizations and initiatives that solely focus on the elevation of women and girls in society via advocacy, healthcare, human rights, education, and market based solutions.

Social Entrepreneurship
Grantee partners in our social entrepreneurship portfolio include programs that build capacity for the field of social entrepreneurship as well as organizations and initiatives that address poverty with innovative market based solutions. We acknowledge that poverty alleviation requires a broad based approach and thus supports partners that affect systems change in issues ranging from human rights, access to healthcare, education, financial services, and much more.

Grantee partners in our ecosystems portfolio consists of organizations that don’t necessarily fit within our core issue areas but support the ecosystems that our partners are operating within, and consists of investments in organizations, institutions, or programs which strengthen communities, encourage collaboration and sharing of best practices, and inspire the next generation of social innovators.

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