Meet 'The Poster Boy'

The Encore Career Movement: Ron Cordes

When Ron Cordes met his wife, Marty, in 1979, his college fraternity at the University of California, Berkeley…

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Family Foundations


Stephanie Cordes, a graduate of UC Santa Barbara,
has a present from her father, Ron, that she treasures…

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Motivated by impact: A new generation seek to make their mark

Source: The Economist The next generation of business leaders are taking over the reins of established family businesses and are looking to make their mark. Others are charting their own course, setting up innovative businesses to meet the evolving needs of a global...

Is Impact Investing A Solution To Global Problems?

Source: Forbes “Some of the world’s most intractable social and environmental problems are in need of new solutions. From climate change to resource scarcity to exploding global population growth, the traditional levers of change, including philanthropy and government...

Marty Cordes: The Power of Investing in Women

Source: ImpactAlpha It’s early on a Tuesday morning in rural Kenya, and Rose is helping her son and two daughters get ready for school. Soon she will join eight other women in her village to spend her day weaving intricate baskets committed for sale to a buyer in the...

The Growing Influence of Impact Investing

Source: ThinkAdvisor Clients — especially women and millennials — want to invest with their values. What are you waiting for? Impact investing isn’t just for philanthropists. On Dec. 1, a company called ImpactAssets launched two products: the Microfinance Plus...

Barron’s: Impact Investing Done Right

Source: Barron’s Doug and Kathleen Spencer of Denver are investing their entire portfolio in a way that will help the poor.Photo: Don Cudney for Barron’s Impact investing—the art of creating portfolios that earn market-rate returns while also seeking to advance...

GreenMoney Interview Series: Impact Assets

Source: GreenMoney ImpactAssets co-founders Tim Freundlich, Ron Cordes, and Wayne Silby interviewed by GreenMoney founder Cliff Feigenbaum Recently, GreenMoney founder Cliff Feigenbaum sat down for a conversation with ImpactAssets co-founders Tim Freundlich, Ron...

Ron Cordes: How To Make Your Second Career Count

Source: Forbes Start a company, grow it to tremendous heights, sell it for a boatload of money, retire to an island and work on your golf game. That’s the entrepreneur’s plan, right? Wrong! Many successful entrepreneurs just aren’t ready to hang up their thinking...

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