Founder & CEO:

Saul Garlick


Kenya & South Africa. Headquarters Washington D.C.


Headquartered in Washington, DC, ThinkImpact is a global social enterprise that provides university students and young professionals the Innovation Institute, America’s premier immersion program in rural Africa that trains the next generation of social entrepreneurs. The Innovation Institute is a curriculum based summer immersion program lasting 10 weeks (June through August), and offered on a competitive basis to select scholars from across the United States. Teams of 12 scholars led by 2 advisors are sent to live and work in rural villages in Kenya and South Africa where ThinkImpact has established relationships. Our approach to poverty alleviation utilizes an asset based community development philosophy to fuel social innovation at the base of the pyramid. Local community members work with scholars who promote a mindset of innovation, self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship rather than dependency and aid. Only through such change can development become locally owned and sustainable.

Key Accomplishments in 2009:

  • Received funding from Clinton Global Initiative, Rotary International, Coca Cola, and FUNDaField
  • Constructed 2 schools, 2 sports fields, 14 latrines, and 13 hand washing stations
  • Successfully hosted a National Happy Hour Event launching the organization in 6 major cities
  • 5 fellows raised $45,000 for three ThinkImpact projects, and received $40,000 in matching funds from South African organizations and businesses.